Anti-Covid innovation - Protection of shared contact areas

Promasafe is a self-adhesive film, produced with nanotechnology of silver particles in its composition. Designed for shared protection of the touch area.

The functionality of the product against viruses and in particular against SARS-COVI-2, is expected to be the oxidative property of the active ingredient of the silver present on the surface. The principle of silver is effective because it acts in the lipoprotein layer that coats enveloped viruses, disrupting it and therefore or inhibiting it, hindering its coupling with the host cell. PROMASAFE protective film is not only effective against viruses, it also eliminates fungi and bacteria.

For testing, adaptation of ISO 21702 was used, with the inclusion of exposure time (2 and 30 minutes) in independent experiments. The results are expressed as a percentage of the reduction in the number of copies of the viral genome, compared to the positive control (plastic film without additive) with the following result:

Exceptionnel performance

- Incubation time: 2 minutes - day 01 - 99.84%
- Incubation time: 30 minutes - day 01 - 99.93%

Considering that more than 99% of the virus was inhibited, with a minimum time of 2 minutes, it was concluded that the plastic film with additive (PROMASAFE) is effective in inactivating the COV2 virus of SARS. Thus, having its potential virucida agent for SARS COV2 confirmed in the test