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Our job has been to create and produce stands for 20 years, unfortunately our job is at a standstill. so we showed imagination, in the meantime, discover our configurations available in more than 20 countries.

How it works?

A Rental System

All of AllConnect’s structures and accessories are available to rent. Since they are stored near the location of your trade show, you don’t have to pay transportation or storage fees. Our warehouses are a stone’s throw away from the most popular trade shows! This win-win solution is both environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient!

Purchasing a Takeaway Display to Install Yourself

Available for purchase, our portable and modular configurations are self-contained and easy to install. We have chosen tough, durable and reconfigurable solutions that allow you to evolve and adapt according to your requirements.

Immediate Pricing

Choose a display configuration you like. Enter your event’s date and location, then select the display size you want. You will then be presented with all the configurations that meet your requirements, and that are available the day of your trade show. You can browse through a whole range of displays suitable for every budget!

 Our prices include display rental and customized printing.

It only takes a few hours to obtain a complete appraisal, which includes installation and disassembly services.
****Note: Booth rental and trade show fees are not included.

A Wide Selection of Configurations

Find a display concept you like from our array of ready-to-go configurations, available near the most popular trade show locations.

One or More Events in Sight?

Only your visual materials travel between the various trade show locations. We store them for you free of charge in a suitable place, and deliver them when required.

New Business Opportunities

Dare to participate in a trade show on a whim! The event industry is governed by proactiveness and flexibility, and organizational delays can be short. Do business with AllConnect and let us take care of everything for you.

 Explore new markets risk-free with AllConnect!



Here are some examples of what you can find on our website.

Sacramento configuration 10x30 Booth for US market


Munster Configurations 10x20 for Europe market


Baton rouge configuration 10x15 for US Market


Adriana configuration 10x10 to install yourself


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