CoversafeTM antimicrobial protection

 What is it ?

COVERSAFETM is a self-adhesive film with outstanding anti-microbial properties. It can be easily applied to all types of surfaces, such as tables and door handles. Effective against viruses (including coronaviruses), bacteria, yeasts and molds, COVERSAFETM strongly limits the spread of viruses and bacteria and protects humans.

The COVERSAFETM antimicrobial film is developed, manufactured and marketed by GERGONNE INDUSTRIE. It incorporates the natural and revolutionary technology of the PYLOTE company.


What kind of applications ?

The COVERSAFETM adhesive film is intended for all sectors: retail stores, companies, nurseries, schools, administration, hospitals, retirement homes, clean rooms for the medical industry and others.

It can be applied, among others, on tables (meeting, catering, offices), counters/cash counters, door handles, switches, banisters, handrails, automatic terminals and payment terminals.

We all have the same objective: make the environment around us safer against risks of microbial contamination.
TM, it is now possible to drastically reduce the tactile transmission of viruses and bacteria in public areas.

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